UBC offers a full range of housing options in five distinct neighbourhoods to provide a unique opportunity to live, work and learn in a truly integrated campus community.

University Hill Elementary School Information

University Hill Elementary School

University Hill Elementary School, provides a stimulating environment and to help students achieve their academic requirements. The school itself is rich with diverse culture which instills personal commitment to understanding and acceptance. The culture is friendly, forward thinking and challenging for the students as the primary goal is to help the students achieve their greatest success.


Education Investment 

Education is a very important investment for the future, Vancouver as well as the UBC community offer the best primary and secondary education in Canada. The internationally renowned university with its integration of diverse culture is attracting more and more families to make the eductaional investment and purchase UBC Real Estate

Benefits of Purchasing Real Estate Near University Hill Elementary School 

University Hill Elementary School (U-Hill Elementary) is a well-known public school in Vancouver, British Columbia. The UBC campus is divided into two areas, the north and south which is divided by the boundary road, Agronomy Road. In most cases, when families are interested in enrolling their children with University Hill Schools they purchase real estate in the north end zone and the children begin their primary school at University Hill Elementary and continue their studies at University Hill Secondary School


For convenience and safety of the children who live in the area, University Hill Elementary is the ideal school to attend. The communitues near U-Hill Elementary are some of the provinces most suitable neighborhoods for children to grow up and live.


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