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Useful Tips for Setting Up Your Newborn’s Nursery


When you're expecting a child, preparing for your new arrival can be a daunting task. In addition to stocking up on baby clothes, bottles and diapers, you also need to set up and decorate the baby’s nursery.  If you're wondering where to start, here are some essentials to consider:


Prepare the changing area

A changing table is one of your first priorities so you can lay your newborn on a flat, cushioned surface for diaper changes.  Most of the current tables available on the market come with storage drawers and a flat dresser surface on top with a lip for safety.  Invest in a few changing pads for the surface and stock the drawers with diapers, wipes, rash prevention cream, baby powder and everything else you will need.


Create a comfortable nursing area

As a new parent, you’ll be spending plenty of bonding time with your baby nursing and rocking your newborn to sleep. Investing in a comfortable chair where you can both spend this precious time is a must. Since you will need to be comfortable, consider a glider chair. Not only does this option provide a rocking motion, it also typically has hardwood arms with padding, affording you comfortable support when you are resting your baby in your arms. Another good option is a chaise, as it allows you to recline and relax.


Establish your baby’s sleeping zone

When you're expecting a child, make sure to invest in a sturdy, good quality crib. Do some research first by reading product reviews and consumer safety reports.  Even though your baby will likely be sleeping in a bassinet for the first few weeks, having a safe crib ready can be a big help and take a load off your mind. Shop for crib accessories that will help soothe your baby, such as a moving mobile and a baby-proof lullaby music player. There are lots of great crib accessories available to help create that perfect, peaceful setting to help lull your little one to sleep.


Designate a play area

Lastly, you need to provide a small area where your child can play. Create a baby play space in a safe area on the floor, covered with rubber mats underneath cushions and blankets, so that the baby can’t get hurt.  Make the area stimulating with lots of colours, soft, plush toys, a securely attached wall mirror (babies love to see themselves and look at faces), stackable wood rings and educational toys for newborns.  Purchase some lightweight tubs or baskets to store toys in.


Preparing for your child's arrival in your UBC home is an exciting time. We hope some of these tips help you to get ready for and enjoy your newborn.  If you are still looking for a home for your growing family, give us a call or browse our listings. We'll be glad to help you find the perfect home for you and your expected bundle of joy.