UBC offers a full range of housing options in five distinct neighbourhoods to provide a unique opportunity to live, work and learn in a truly integrated campus community.

Living alone while you are working through college is easier said than done—finding a roommate might be the best choice for you. The University of British Columbia community is one of the most thriving areas in the Lower Mainland area, so finding a great person to share your new place at UBC homes is not as difficult as you might think. Of course, you have heard the horror stories of roommate arrangements gone wrong, and the last thing that you want to do is add your own personal experience to that list. Before you put yourself out there, read through these tips for finding a great roommate.


Take Your Time

Okay, so you need a place to call home—like, yesterday. You can’t afford a place on your own, so you can’t move in anywhere until you find a roommate. It is tempting to jump at the first person who says that they have a room available, or the first classmate that agrees to move in with you, but haste can lead straight to disaster.


Date Your Roommate

This might sound a little weird, but trust me—you want to really know the person that you’ll be living with for the next year or so. Try to learn about your potential roommate, their likes and dislikes. Are they reclusive or do they like hanging out with a large group of friends? Do they enjoy junk food, or are they on an all vegan diet? Do they have any pets? These are all examples of very important questions that you should ask each other before moving in together. Try hanging out a few times, grab some coffee or go to the dog park.


Don’t Ignore Red Flags

If the relationship just doesn't feel right, do not commit. You’re not going to have time to deal with someone who won’t pull their weight when it comes to taking care of the house, is full of drama or can’t pay their share of the bills.


Be Upfront with Expectations

Lay your expectations out immediately. Are you a little OCD? Your potential roommate needs to know. You might give off some “red flags” of your own, and that is totally okay. You both want to mesh with one another. Also, talk with this person about finances. You both need to be sure that you can pay the bills as a team.


Run a Background Check

Alright, this might seem overly cautious, but you can never be too careful in the world that we live in. Don’t feel ashamed if you feel the need to run a background check on your potential roommate for peace of mind.


Find Your UBC Home

UBC homes is located in a thriving community that fits the wants and needs for a variety of lifestyles. After you have found a great roommate, let me help you to find a great home. For more information, visit the buyers page or contact Sam Huang, your neighborhood UBC real estate specialist, today.

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VANCOUVER, BC – September 2, 2016 – For the second straight month, home buyer demand in Metro Vancouver* moved off of the record-breaking pace seen earlier this year and returned to more typical levels.


The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) reports that residential property sales in Metro Vancouver totalled 2,489 in August 2016, a decline of 26 per cent compared to the 3,362 sales in August 2015; 10.2 per cent less than the 2,771 sales in August 2014; and one per cent less than the 2,514 sales in August 2013. August 2016 sales also represent a 22.8 per cent decline compared to last month’s sales.


From a historical perspective, last month’s sales were 3.5 per cent below the 10-year sales average for the month.

“The record-breaking sales we saw earlier this year were replaced by more historically normal activity throughout July and August,” Dan Morrison, REBGV president said. "Sales have been trending downward in Metro Vancouver for a few months. The new foreign buyer tax appears to have added to this trend by reducing foreign buyer activity and causing some uncertainty amongst local home buyers and sellers.


“It’ll take some months before we can really understand the impact of the new tax. We'll be interested to see the government's next round of foreign buyer data."


New listings for detached, attached and apartment properties in Metro Vancouver totalled 4,293 in August 2016. This represents an increase of 0.3 per cent compared to the 4,281 units listed in August 2015 and an 18.1 per cent decrease compared to July 2016 when 5,241 properties were listed.


The total number of properties currently listed for sale on the MLS® in Metro Vancouver is 8,506, a 21.9 per cent decline compared to August 2015 (10,897) and a 1.9 per cent increase from July 2016 (8,351).


The sales-to-active listings ratio for August 2016 is 29.3 per cent. This is indicative of a seller’s market.


Generally, analysts say that downward pressure on home prices occurs when the ratio dips below the 12 per cent mark, while home prices often experience upward pressure when it reaches the 20 to 22 per cent range in a particular community for a sustained period.


The MLS® Home Price Index composite benchmark price for all residential properties in Metro Vancouver is currently $933,100. This represents a 31.4 per cent increase compared to August2015 and a 4.9 per cent increase over the last three months.


“In aggregate, we continue to see an imbalance between supply and demand in most communities. However, we’re also seeing fewer detached sales in the highest price points and fewer detached home sales relative to all residential sales,” Morrison said. “This is causing average sale prices to show a decline in recent months, while benchmark home prices remain virtually unchanged from July.”


The average price is the simplest home price measure to explain but is not the most accurate since it may be skewed by the mix of properties. More high-end or low-end sales will skew the number up or down. Based on the Consumer Price Index, MLS HPI® benchmark prices are a more reliable and stable indicator of typical home prices across regions over time.


Sales of detached properties in August 2016 reached 715, a decrease of 44.6 per cent from the 1,290 detached sales recorded in August 2015. The benchmark price for detached properties increased 35.8 per cent from August 2015 to $1,577,300. This represents a 4.2 per cent increase over the last three months.


Sales of apartment properties reached 1,343 in August 2016, a decrease of 10.1 per cent compared to the 1,494 sales in August 2015.The benchmark price of an apartment property increased 26.9 per cent from August 2015 to $514,300. This represents a 6.1 per cent increase over the last three months.


Attached property sales in August 2016 totalled 431, a decrease of 25.4 per cent compared to the 578 sales in August 2015. The benchmark price of an attached home increased 31.1 per cent from August 2015 to $677,600. This represents a 7.1 per cent increase over the last three months. 

Click here for the August 2016 stats package

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