UBC offers a full range of housing options in five distinct neighbourhoods to provide a unique opportunity to live, work and learn in a truly integrated campus community.

The Vancouver condo market is the right choice for you!  With so much development in the condo market over the past few years, there has never been a better time to find that ideal condo home for you.  The neighbourhoods in and around UBC hold great promise and opportunity for not only professionals but also young families.  As an expert in UBC homes and the overall UBC real estate market, here are some great reasons as to why now is a great time to find your UBC condo.

It’s All about Location

Perhaps the strongest selling point of any condo is its location.  Condo living offers exciting opportunities from downtown living, living on or near major public transit lines, and—in this case—living in or around the premier place of higher learning in all of British Columbia.  These locations provide great opportunities for not only young couples or professionals, but also families.  

Neighbourhood Living

Every new condo complex that is developed brings a built-in neighbourhood.  This instant population boom also brings in a multitude of services.  What a great opportunity to step out of your condo door and walk to your nearest grocery store or favourite new restaurant.  This neighbourhood feel also allows you the possibility to meet new friends or people who share similar ideas, interests and hobbies.  Regardless of whether you meet your next best friend, one thing is guaranteed: you will get to know many new and exciting people who also call your condo complex home. 

Safety First

One of the major selling points for any condo is the fact that each building or complex has a buzz in system which keeps out unwanted visitors and guests.  This extra security feature will allow you to rest easier knowing that you will never encounter any unwelcome guests in your complex.  The tight knit community feel also serves as a type of neighbourhood watch.  Over time as you get to know different people in your complex, you will start to recognize familiar faces and perhaps question those who you do not recognize.  These added security features are ideal if you travel a lot or keep a different set of hours perhaps because of work.  

The Benefits of Strata

Perhaps one of the most overlooked positives of owning a condo are the benefits of strata.  The strata are the group who is in charge of making decisions for your condo complex.  Every month you will contribute to the strata through the collection of strata fees.  These fees are then used for the upkeep of the complex and its grounds. 

The nice part about paying strata fees is that when big jobs such as the roof or elevators need replacing, you will share these costs with all other residents in your complex.  Remember, condo living means you will never be on the hook to fully pay for any replacements or upgrades again!

Contact Me Today about UBC Condos!

These are just some of the great reasons as to why a UBC condo is the ideal home for youContact me today to see some of the great choices and great value that is available in the UBC condo market.  I look forward to seeing you soon!

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With so much new development going on all around Vancouver, there are so many different real estate options available to first time home buyers.  One of the most appealing and highly sought after areas—and a great place for not only professionals but also families—is in the many neighbourhoods in and around UBC. As the premier UBC home real estate agents, here are some great reasons why a UBC townhouse is a great fit for you and your young family!

A Great Starter Home!

Think of a townhouse as an affordable way to enter into the UBC real estate market and as a great starter home.  UBC townhouses offer private entrances, and usually more square footage than a condo.  These two features make a townhouse feel more like a home than a condo.  Usually your townhouse will come with some type of a lawn giving you some extra space.  This feature is ideal if you have a young family or are thinking of starting a family in the future.  

More Room!

The extra space in a townhouse is always an asset as it not only gives you more space to live and grow, but it also gives you more storage space.  Usually, condos come with a storage locker and can take some really careful planning to fit store all of your items, whereas townhouses may have attic and crawl spaces and in some fortunate cases, a garage.  This extra space is ideal as it allows you the flexibility to grow and expand your hobbies and lifestyle.  

Greater Resale Value

If you look at the skyline in Vancouver, one thing you may notice is that there many are new condo developments.  This is great for anyone thinking about purchasing a new condo—but can be a detriment when it comes to resale.  Townhouses have historically held their value better than condos because there are fewer of them on the market, thus there is a more competitive market with greater resale value opportunities.


If you have ever looked at the condo market, you may have found that after a while every home starts to blend into the other.  This can make a final decision difficult.  The UBC townhouse market offers such unique choices and options that every individual townhouse will stand out and be different from the others.  This uniqueness and choice is not only appealing to first time homeowners but will also make selling your home that much easier and faster.

Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Every townhouse complex comes with a built in neighbourhood.  This neighbourhood feel can be quite welcoming as you will quickly meet your neighbours and other members of the complex.  Some of the more tight knit complexes even offer community events, meetings and get-togethers such as summer BBQs.

These are just a few of the many great reasons as to why a UBC townhouse is the right choice for you.  Stop by to day and let me show you some of the great options that are available around the UBC area.  Contact me, Sam Huang—a UBC home specialist—today.  I look forward to seeing you!

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When choosing the best place to live for yourself and your family, there are many different factors to be considered. From the local school district, to nearby parks and recreational activities, to even the closest grocery and shopping choices, finding and deciding on the perfect home goes beyond just the walls and roof around you. The city of Vancouver values responsiveness, integrity and excellence and this comes to life in our neighbourhoods and communities. Here are a few of the top ranked neighbourhoods in Vancouver that will support and promote yours and your family’s growth, wellbeing, and prosperity. 


UBC—The Place to Be


Ranked as Vancouver’s 7th best neighbourhood to live, UBC has a population of 12,780 residents. It is practically a city of its own with its continuously growing number of residential towers and amenities to match. UBC homes house the students and staff of the prestigious University of British Columbia community. Its affordability and diversity are notable amongst residents, and extend the uniqueness and lovability of this college-centred community. Not only are UBC homes ranked 7th in Vancouver, but UBC is also ranked amongst the top 40 universities in the world in leading research.


UBC Homes offer a variety of housing options including house, townhouses and condos. UBC is divided into 5 distinct neighbourhoods: Chancellor Place, Hampton Place, East Campus, Westbrook Village and Hawthorn Place. Each neighbourhood shares the same unique charm and values upheld throughout UBC and all of Vancouver. With continuous policing services available to the entire campus and community, UBC is considered one of the safest areas in the Lower Mainland with its generally low crime rate.


The Truth about Living at False Creek


Another of Vancouver’s absolute best neighbourhoods to live and raise your family in is False Creek. The resounding success of the neighbourhoods and communities built along False Creek is what makes this area such an incredible and cozy place to live. Only 15 minutes away from UBC, False Creek residents are able to access all campus classes and activities with little hassle or rush. False Creek’s stability and low crime rate make it an ideal place to raise a family, and its commute and economy allow for a perfect place to grow professionally as well as just relax at the end of the day for the hardworking professional.


Begin at the West End


If affordability, low crime and ample access to green space are your thing, then West End will definitely not disappoint. A perfect area for the single and childless, West End is also ideal for UBC students and staff. With its close proximity to the beautiful Stanley Park, West End residents have endless access to all kinds of outdoor recreational activities and fun.


Living on Main Street


Virtually perfect in every way, Main Street is affordable, economically and culturally diverse, vital, smart, and engaged. With a population of 21,800 residents, Main Street is a modern and on-the-go community that is continuously thriving. Not to mention its close proximity to the Nat Bailey Stadium, Main Street is perfect for nurturing both the professional and personal aspects in your life.


Find Your UBC Home in Vancouver Today!


Our mission here in Vancouver is to create an excellent city of communities that cares for our residents and every aspect of living. You can find this same care and values with UBC homes. For more information on finding the best home for you in Vancouver and the UBC area, check out UBC Homes and Real Estate Specialist today.

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