UBC offers a full range of housing options in five distinct neighbourhoods to provide a unique opportunity to live, work and learn in a truly integrated campus community.

Wesbrook Village has been at the forefront of some of the most exciting real estate developments taking place within UBC’s growing campus. Their latest endeavor promises to be a draw for area families not just within Wesbrook, but from all over the western side of Vancouver. Named the Wesbrook Community Centre, this 2,082 square metre facility boasts state-of-the-art environmental design using flowing indoor/outdoor architecture. 

The facility was built both as a way to draw community members closer together and also to supplement the already-diverse amenities offered at the ultra-modern Wesbrook Village development. Recently-opened, the Wesbrook Community Centre promises to become a mainstay in the lives of UBC campus and area residents.


Everything, Including the Kitchen Sink

When planning Wesbrook Village, a community centre was viewed as an integral component of the community design. UBC’s University Neighborhoods Association (UNA) intended to provide a recreational centre that could be used for physical activities, community classes and simple everyday gatherings.

To accommodate these goals, the Wesbrook Community Centre was constructed with a large gymnasium and fitness centre, complete with state-of-the-art exercise equipment and hard surface ball courts. Outside, the Wesbrook fields provide chances for both organized community sports and impromptu “pick up” games that help strengthen community bonds while enjoying British Columbia’s gorgeous outdoors.

Back inside the centre, several large multi-purpose rooms serve as bookable venues for community classes, programs, presentations and events. Private parties are permitted, as well as structured, university-related community activities. Wesbrook residents can expect a full array of fitness and educational classes that can range from yoga to foreign language instruction to cooking classes. A daycare centre is also provided, which will be a blessing for young parents who must work or attend classes for significant stretches of their day.

Finally, a coffee shop, teen centre, games room and multipurpose open lounge areas all allow young school children and adults alike to find a spot to unwind or meet new people after a hard week of classes and work.


Part of a Larger Community Plan

Looking at the building itself, UNA designed the Wesbrook Community Centre to abide by the strictest environmental and sustainability standards. It is LEED Gold certified, and the majority of building materials consist of cutting-edge wood technology that has an extremely low environmental impact.

The construction of the Wesbrook Community Centre fulfills an element within a larger set of community goals as Wesbrook Village and the surrounding UBC residential area expands. Two more, smaller community centres will be added, as will a grocery market and a thriving small business community. UNA is even exploring the possibility of translating some outdoor space into a children’s water park.

In general, the Wesbrook Village planning implementation serves as an exemplary model for other communities that emphasize togetherness and efficiency over isolation and wasted space. Wesbrook is an open community, too, evidence by the fact that anywhere who owns or lives near the UBC homes will have open access to register for events and activities within the facility.

Come become a part of this exciting and inviting movement by purchasing a home on or near the UBC campus within walking or biking distance of the brand new Wesbrook Community Centre. You can take a look at our UBC home listings to get started.

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Home Study

Dorm life at the University of British Columbia is fun, but it is not for everyone. At some point, your child may opt for a more independent and private living situation by moving off campus.

This decision can be a wonderful step towards personal responsibility, but it can also backfire unless precautions are taken. You and your child should both be aware that not every living arrangement is conducive to a healthy atmosphere of study and personal growth. To ensure that your child gets the most out of moving off-campus in a UBC home, take these factors into consideration.


Utility Costs

Most dorms require students to pay a lump sum for their utility costs. This price is predictable and does not change based on usage. Moving-off campus means the student must now keep a watchful eye on their utility consumption. Wasteful practices must be curbed, and a general awareness must be cultivated.

To assist in cutting costs, a house that is energy efficient should be selected. Buying from a homeowner who has sealed out drafts and installed efficient fixtures should be your first option. These steps will make the biggest difference in utility costs. Try to find a home that has modern efficiency standards or that can be converted inexpensively.


Commuting to Campus and Parking

After moving off campus, your student may suddenly have to contend with bus schedules, driving or finding a place to park. UBC has a reliable bus system that can help students commute to class without the need of a personal vehicle. 

Make sure that your student moves to a UBC home that has a convenient spot on the bus route. Even better, they can find a house that is still within reasonable walking distance from campus. Otherwise, they should take measures to secure a parking pass on campus.



Dorm rooms are generally small and require little maintenance. The messy parts of a house — the kitchen, entrances and bathrooms — are typically the jurisdiction of the campus housing department. Moving off-campus into a house means that your student will not only have to begin keeping clean, but they will also have to keep up with minor repairs so that they do not cause larger problems. The best way to handle the responsibility would be to purchase a “home care kit” with a minimal amount of necessary tools and some high-quality cleaning supplies.



Having a landlord can be one of the most frustrating aspects of renting while being a student. They can be slow to respond to concerns or sometimes give no response at all. The only way to ensure that a home will be properly maintained and cared for is to be its owner. 

Consider purchasing a UBC home for sale to give your student a safe, reliable place to live during their college years. When they move out, you can sell the house for a profit or rent it to obtain a steady stream of revenue. Take a look at our buyer’s page to learn more.

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