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The new 2015-2016 school year is whisper close, and that means students from all over the world will soon be flocking to their UBC real estate properties to get ready for it. Move-in time can get quite hectic, especially if this year will be your first time living outside of the dorms or outside of your parent’s house.

To cut through the confusion and gear you for a successful semester, here are three tips to have you prepared for move-in day:


Stick with the Bare Essentials

While it may be tempting to haul your king-size four-poster bed, sleeper couch, 52 inch flat-screen TV or 100 box vinyl album collection with you to your pad, you may find that the trouble is far more than it is worth. Keep in mind that in most situations, you are just going to have to move these large, cumbersome objects out of your home in one to three years.

Scale back your belongings to make your move-in more manageable, especially if this is going to be your first official place. Take only as much clothing, furniture and personal effects as you think you will use on a weekly if not daily basis. Store everything else at your parent’s house or the next most convenient place, at least until you get settled.

Once you have a better idea of your needs and how you will stay organized, you can then worry about adding familiar objects back into your life. Remember that you can always buy furniture here, too. There is an IKEA in Richmond, after all.


Avoid Paying for Moving Boxes

Some boxes are purpose-made for carrying special items like heavy books or delicate electronics. For all other items, anything with six sides will do. You can ask your local liquor store or pharmacy when they typically unload supply trucks for a source of free boxes they will gladly hand over.

Another way to cut down on moving supply expenses is to utilize the furniture and other items you will already be carrying with you. Laundry hampers, dressers, backpacks, suitcases, gym bags and trunks can all be stuffed with items instead of carried empty. You can also use your own T-shirts and socks to wrap fragiles rather than paying money for packing materials.


Prioritize from the Moment You Move In

We know that the last thing you will want to do after a tiring, stressful day of moving is to add cleaning on top of that, but trust us when we recommend that you take the time to tidy up before you begin unloading boxes.

You should ideally sweep the floors and dust off the surfaces in your bedroom, your kitchen and your bathroom before finally taking a well-deserved rest. This minimal amount of added effort ensures that your home will feel much more comfortable when you finally lay down to sleep or wake up the next morning.

Also remember to pack a first-night “survival kit” in a backpack or easy-to-access container filled with toiletries, clean sheets and a change of clothes to minimize your struggle to find items once you are ready to get settled for the night.

We hope that these tips have given you insight and confidence into the move-in process, whether this will be your first or hundredth time unpacking in a UBC home. If the idea of packing up again come the summer stresses you out, consider financing a UBC property through a family member so that you can own the place you live in and rent it out at once you graduate. Less move-ins and earning equity is better than throwing rent money down a hole, after all.

Learn more about the UBC community by reading our helpful blog or take a look at our UBC property listings to find a home worth investing in.

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Are you concerned with getting a great return on your UBC home when you decide to sell? The market may seem like it is beneficial for buyers, but there are many things that you can do as a seller to keep your home updated that will ensure that you get a great return on your investment.


Certain rooms, like the kitchen and bathrooms, speak volumes to buyers. Neutral colored walls and adequate lighting will also bring more offers on your piece of property. Replacing the flooring might be a more expensive investment, but it will increase your home value. Before you make the choice to sell, consider the current condition of your home and pinpoint areas in which you can make simple renovations that will yield large benefits. Here are some tips on the best renovations that you can make in your home before placing it up for sale on the market. 


The Kitchen

Studies have shown that the kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that can make or break your investment return. If your kitchen is cluttered, outdated or visually unappealing to many types of people, your home might be more difficult to sell. Make repairs to plumbing or cabinetry and anything that could compromise the function of the kitchen.

Even if you do not have the budget to replace your appliances, having them professionally cleaned will help them to look their best. If your walls are not painted a neutral color, new paint is a great investment. Outdated cabinets can turn away buyers. There are many options for renovating your cabinets without breaking the bank, such as refacing or painting.


Paint in Neutral Colors

Your buyers might have their own color palette in mind while touring your home. As such, it will be much easier for them to see their vision in your space if the walls are painted in a neutral color. Tan, light grey or pale yellow are great color options. Be sure to give your trim or crown molding attention as well.


Install New Light Fixtures

Replacing old fans and light fixtures can make your home much more visually appealing. It will also give you the opportunity to find fixtures that brighten your rooms better than the existing. Light is one of the best tools to use during staging. If your existing lights are no longer lighting up your space as well as they once did, this is an area in which renovations are worth the investment.


Getting your home ready for the market can take some time and money, but the renovations that you complete will be well worth it when your UBC home starts to bring in the big offers. For more information, visit our selling page or contact a UBC Real Estate repre

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