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Carpeting is a home finish that is excellent at hiding its sordid history. Underneath the seemingly intact pile often lurks unspeakable foulness. Knowing when this point occurs often takes guesswork and a realistic consideration of the hardships that carpet has gone through.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to replace your carpet, especially before a home sale:



Most manufacturers advise replacing carpet after eight to 10 years. At that point, the pile loses its stiffness, and many of the characteristics that gave the carpet its initial appeal have faded. Carpets that have endured a longer life will show more stains, absorb more smells and be more prone to wear or damage than newer ones. If you have had your carpet for close to a decade, it is likely time to let it go.



Staining in carpets are usually cumulative. New carpet can often be deep-cleaned to remove surface stains, but over time spills are able to penetrate deeper. They can often reach the carpet’s backing and soak into the cushioning underneath, known as the underlay.

Age will be a large determining factor in staining, but so will the amount of incidents and how long they remained before they were cleaned. If your carpet has been tie-dyed but not on purpose, it will likely impact your home’s appeal when a buyer comes viewing.



Like stains, smells are cumulative in carpet. Pet hair, food, spills and other debris gradually leave their mark and begin to permeate the fabrics. These smells can be especially noticeable if there has been a fresh spill or if the weather is particularly humid.

Your best bet is to remove a stinky carpet along with its soiled underlay rather than trying to steam clean it in vain yet another time. Considering smell is a good indication of allergens lurking within the materials, your sinuses and lungs will be glad you made the choice.


Comfort and Style

Carpeting gradually loses its shape over time, becoming less plush and more matted. Likewise, the underlay will lose its spring to feel flat rather than soft. A new carpet can restore the sumptuous appeal of a covered floor and invite barefoot walks or impromptu naps. They can also add value, whereas an unsightly carpet can take value away.

Also consider how well your carpet works into the overall decor. You may want a new color or pattern, or you may want to replace carpeting with hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors are a significant investment, but they are one of the home features that buyers are willing to pay more for, according to USA Today.

No matter what you decide, make sure that your home’s flooring can be something you will be proud of rather than something you try to gloss over when potential buyers come visiting. For more advice on adding value and appeal to your UBC real estate property, visit our buyers page.

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Selling your home in the summer can call for a little more finesse than most people expect. While spring is the absolute best time to put your home on the market, summer surprisingly trails in third behind fall. Many potential home buyers are simply too distracted between vacations, the kids being out of school and other seasonal priorities.

The good news is that the summer is still an excellent time to show your home and find the right buyer as long as you put in a little extra effort. Here are some tips that can increase your chances of closing even during the hottest months of the year:


Get Your Curb Appeal in Order

Spring has a habit of making any lawn look great since rains are abundant and vegetation appears to pop out of nowhere. Keeping those lawns and flowers beautiful for the next several months can be more of a trial, though.

Make sure you remove as many “clutter” plants as possible from your garden beds and yard in order to give your landscape a clean, organized appearance. Plant low-maintenance flowers like marigolds and impatiens to give your lawn a dash of color. Water your plants regularly, and give your grass a trim around once a week. Taking initiative like this keeps plants from dying or weeds from taking over.


Make Your Home Feel Breezy

Use only light curtains, and find ways to get windows open on days with mild temperatures. Ideally, you will want to keep your home cool without having to blast the air conditioner, which can feel unnatural. Turn on some ceiling fans, open some windows and rearrange furniture to encourage the flow of light and soothing breezes as people view your home.

Of course, feel free to keep the windows shut when it climbs above 25 degrees to prevent your home from feeling muggy rather than pleasant.


Stage the Outdoors

Your biggest asset during the summer is a lawn, porch or patio area that looks inviting. Get these outdoor areas as clean as a whistle and arrange some charming porch furniture to encourage home viewers to linger and enjoy the weather. You can also stage areas of your lawn with a garden fountain, flower beds, stepping stones and a well-placed bench as an effective display.


Be Flexible with Viewings

Another summertime asset are the long daylight hours. People with busy schedules may be more willing to show up around the evening considering the sun will still be out at the time. Be accommodating with these rather late appointments to boost your odds of warming a buyer up to the idea of a summer sale.

Strategies like these are sure to impress, but remember that only an experienced UBC real estate agent will be able to find an ideal buyer and pitch your home’s strengths to them in the best light possible. Visit our sellers page to discover just how valuable our agents can be when selling your home in the summertime.

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